Egy : 3.5 LEUSA : 0.4375 $


The CD4043BC are quad cross-couple 3-STATE CMOS NOR latches, and the CD4044BC are quad cross-couple 3- STATE CMOS NAND latches. Each latch has a separate Q output and individual SET and RESET inputs. There is a common 3-STATE ENABLE input for all four latches. A logic “1” on the ENABLE input connects the latch states to the Q outputs. A logic “0” on the ENABLE input disconnects the latch states from the Q outputs resulting in an open circuit condition on the Q output. The 3-STATE feature allows common bussing of the outputs.

Manufacturer CH
Category IC
Price 0.4375 $
Operating temperature -40~85 °C
Operating ampere -
Operating voltage 3.0V to 15V
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