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The HCC4063B (extended temperature range) and HCF4063B (intermediate temperature range) are available in 16-lead dual in-line plastic or ceramic package and plastic micro package. The HCC/HCF4063B is a low-power 4-bit magnitude comparator designed for use in computer and logic applications that require the comparison of two 4-bit words. This logic circuit determines whether one 4- bit word (Binary or BCD) is ”less than”, ”equal to” or ”greater than” a second 4-bit word. The HCC/HCF4063B has eight comparing inputs (A3, B3, through A0, B0), three outputs (A < B, A = B, A > B) and three cascading inputs (A < B, A = B, A > B) that permit systems designers to expand the comparator function to 8, 12, 16...4 N bits. When a single HCC/HCF4063B is used, the cascading inputs are connected as follows : (A < B) = low, (A = B) = high, (A > B) = low. For words longer than 4 bits, HCC/HCF4063B devices may be cascaded by connecting the outputs of the less-significant comparator tothe corresponding cascading inputs of the more-significant comparator. Cascading inputs (A < B, A = B, and A > B) on the least significant comparator are connected to a low, a high, and a low level, respectively.

Manufacturer CH
Category IC
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Operating temperature -55 to +85 °C
Operating ampere -
Operating voltage 3~15V
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