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The IDT octal buffer/line drivers are built using an advanced dual metal CMOS technology. The FCT240T/FCT2240T and FCT244T/FCT2244T are designed to be employed as memory and address drivers, clock drivers and bus-oriented transmitter/receivers which provide improved board density. The FCT540T and FCT541T/FCT2541T are similar in function to the FCT240T/FCT2240T and FCT244T/FCT2244T, respectively, except that the inputs and outputs are on opposite sides of the package. This pinout arrangement makes these devices especially useful as output ports for microprocessors and as backplane drivers, allowing ease of layout and greater board density. The FCT2240T, FCT2244T and FCT2541T have balanced output drive with current limiting resistors. This offers low ground bounce, minimal undershoot and controlled output fall times-reducing the need for external series terminating resistors. FCT2xxxT parts are plug-in replacements for FCTxxxT parts.

Manufacturer CH
Category IC
Price 0.625 $
Operating temperature 0~70 °C
Operating ampere ±1uA
Operating voltage 5.0V ± 5%
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