Egy : 325 LEUSA : 40.625 $

Triac dimmer 3.3KW

These electronic devices are typically used in home appliances or in industrial applications for various purposes, such as motor regulation in washing machines, vacuum cleaner control, light dimming in lamps, heating in a coffee machines, or motor regulation in ventilators. Analog solutions are being progressively replaced by microcontroller designs even in low-cost applications. Advantages include fewer external components, easy adaptation through simple software modifications, control components can be designed with either a potentiometer or a pushbutton, easy feedback implementation, and flexibility. An analog IC’s functionality is tied to its application and the designer is limited to fixed device functions.

Manufacturer CH
Category triac
Price 40.625 $
Operating temperature -
Operating ampere more than 1A
Operating voltage 80 VAC to 277 VAC
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