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The ULN2803A device is a high-voltage, high-current 1• 500-mA-Rated Collector Current Darlington transistor array. The device consists of (Single Output) eight NPN Darlington pairs that feature high-voltage • High-Voltage Outputs: 50 V outputs with common-cathode clamp diodes for • Output Clamp Diodes switching inductive loads. The collector-current rating • Inputs Compatible With Various of each Darlington pair is 500 mA. The Darlington pairs may be connected in parallel for higher current Types of Logic capability. • Relay-Driver Applications Applications include relay drivers, hammer drivers, • Compatible with ULN2800A Series lamp drivers, display drivers (LED and gas discharge), line drivers, and logic buffers. The 2 Applications ULN2803A device has a 2.7-kΩ series base resistor • Relay Drivers for each Darlington pair for operation directly with TTL or 5-V CMOS devices.

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Category IC
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Operating temperature -40~125 °C
Operating ampere -
Operating voltage VI:0~5 V, VCC:0~50 V
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