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Water Sensor

2013 latest Water Sensor is a Easy to use, compact and lightweight , high cost of water , droplets identification and detection sensors. This sensor is working The principle is to measure the size of the trace amount of water droplets through the line with a series of parallel wires exposed . And domestic and foreign Products compared not only small , powerful, and cleverly designed with the following features : First, the amount of water to simulate Conversion ; Second, plasticity , based on the sensor output analog values ​; Third, low power consumption , high sensitivity ; Fourth, can Directly connected to a microprocessor or other logic circuitry , and the controller board for a variety of , for example : ArduinoController , STC microcontroller , AVR microcontroller and so on.

Manufacturer CH
Category Sensors
Price 3.75 $
Operating temperature 10℃- 30 ℃
Operating ampere less than 20mA
Operating voltage DC5V
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